Commercial LitigationCommercial litigation is a specialty of the law that deals with business transactions. When you have a dispute with a business, it’s important to find the commercial litigation attorneys that specialize in that area of the law.

Overtime Disputes – Many times employers do not want to pay overtime correctly. A lawyer assists employees in getting the compensation they deserve. Learn more about our overtime disputes practice.

Partnership and Shareholder Disputes – Businesses that deal with multiple investors and shareholders often have legal disputes that are complex. Learn more about our partnership and shareholder disputes practice.

Insurance Claims – Insurance claims can be complicated and difficult even if there is no dispute. When you’re facing conflict with an insurance company over a claim it is crucial to protect your legal rights and contact an attorney. Learn more about our insurance claims practice.

Construction Litigation – Property owners who have had liens placed on their properties out of construction disputes need a lawyer who works with sub-contractors and contractors to get the issue worked out. Learn more about our construction litigation practice.

Labor Employment – Dealing with unions and employees is another complex area of the law. When there’s a dispute, get an attorney involved to protect your rights and help you maintain your responsibilities under the law. Learn more about our labor employment practice.

Eminent Domain & Condemnation – When the government attempts to take private property for public use, it falls under eminent domain. If you are fighting eminent domain or the possibility of your property being condemned, contact Potts Law Firm. Learn more about our eminent domain & condemnation practice.

Energy Litigation – The field of energy has come a long way over the years. Get commercial litigation attorneys to advise you when you’re facing legal problems involving energy litigation. Learn more about our energy litigation practice.

Breach of Contract – A business that breaches a contract provides a legal cause of action for you. Don’t let the injustice stand. Learn more about our breach of contract practice.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty – When a trustee breaches the trust placed in them, commercial litigation attorneys help you find the redress that makes amends. Learn more about our breach of fiduciary duty practice.

Contract Disputes – Potts Law Firm handles contract disputes, no matter which side you’re on. If a business deal goes south, bring the contract into an experienced attorney’s office to get practical advice to understand your options. Learn more about our contract disputes practice.

DTPA & Consumer Law – The Deceptive Trade Practices Consumer Protection Act protects consumers against businesses who use deceptive practices or breaches of warranty. Learn more about our DTPA & Consumer Law practice.

Real Estate Law – Real estate law is very complex. From land development to landlord-tenant disputes it’s important to follow the legal procedures to maintain your rights. Learn more about our real estate law practice.

Oil and Gas Litigation – Whether you are trying to negotiate a lease for mineral rights or are experiencing problems with an oil and gas company, having commercial litigation attorneys who understand the complexity of your case is vital. Learn more about our oil and gas litigation practice.