construction litigationMany construction companies are subject to lawsuits. This is due to the type of work being done, as well as the timelines and demands outlined by the property owners. These disputes can quickly escalate to the point that lawsuits are filed. In such instances, you will need the skills and resources of an excellent construction litigation attorney, like the ones at The Potts Law Firm. There are many different grounds for construction litigation.

Deficiencies and Failures

Construction lawsuits may arise if there is a deficiency or failure at the construction site. If the site fails to pass inspection because the foundation fails, the slope and shoring fails, or any of the concrete in the project fails, a property owner may decide to sue for damages.


If the construction project experiences many delays as a direct result of poor work performance or other preventable problems that may also result in a construction lawsuit. If the construction project is delayed or doesn’t finish on time, if there are any lost productivity claims or any excessive work scope changes, disputes may occur that quickly shift the focus from the construction project to the courtroom. If that happens you will need to contact experienced construction litigation attorneys, like those at The Potts Law Firm. Our trained attorneys know exactly how to manage construction legal cases and help their clients get the justice they deserve.

Interferences or Denials of Access

During the construction process, if a client is denied access to the site, they can sue. If they feel like the project manager didn’t perform to a certain standard or that there were too many workplace accidents, they are well within their rights to pursue a construction litigation case. Interference can include any unwelcome or undiscussed design changes, as well as many other examples. All of these instances can lead to a lawsuit.

These are only some of the cases which can result in construction litigation. There are many other alleged incidents in which you would need construction litigation attorneys. Make sure that you company is covered in the event of a construction lawsuit by contacting The Potts Law Firm.