When you purchase insurance to protect your business, you expect it to pay when a disaster or other covered event happens. What do you do if it doesn’t? Do you know your legal rights when your insurance company undervalues or denies your claim? The Potts Law Firm has experienced insurance claim attorneys that will help protect your rights when your insurance company doesn’t come through as you expected.

Working With Your Insurance Company

When you get the denial or undervaluation from the insurance company, make a request for them to send everything about the claim in writing to you. You want to keep all documentation of your correspondence with them to help you build a case against them. Read your policy. You may have to file an appeal with the insurance company before going forward with your case. Although they probably won’t reverse their findings, you have to exhaust the available remedies before moving on to litigation.

Talk to an Attorney

Insurance claim attorneys help you determine that you actually do have a case. Unfortunately, many business owners believe they are covered for damages when they aren’t. You save time and money by talking to an attorney with Potts Law Firm before you go forward and try to fight the insurance company.

Generally, there are two main types of categories for lawsuits against insurance companies. In a breach of contract lawsuit, you have to prove that the terms of your policy were not followed by the insurer. Many times, the law is ambiguous and favors the insurance company. You will need insurance claim attorneys to get the most of this type of lawsuit. There are limits to damages, but you may get attorney’s fees in this type of case if you prevail.

A bad faith lawsuit provides for more types of damages against the insurance company. You may be entitled to mental or emotional stress damages and punitive damages, if the conduct was egregious. Your attorney can discuss your case with you and determine the likelihood of prevailing against the insurance company.

Contact a Lawyer to Dispute a Claim

While most insurance companies strive to uphold the law, sometimes they make mistakes or are looking at their own profits instead of paying out what they should. When that happens, you need an advocate on your side to battle their company. Call The Potts Law Firm to get the full compensation that you deserve under the terms of your policy. Once your insurer knows that you’re serious, they may come through with full valuation instead of a lengthy and costly lawsuit.

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