oil and gas litigationProfessionals working in the oil and gas business face an assortment of complex issues on a daily basis. In order to navigate the difficult industrial environment, they can turn to oil and gas litigation lawyers at The Potts Law Firm for assistance.

What is Oil and Gas Litigation?

Oil and gas litigation is highly comprehensive, covering a wide range of legal issues including:

  • Transportation
  • Acquisitions
  • Project Finance
  • Environmental counseling
  • Production
  • Development
  • Injury claims

Industry professionals have numerous duties to fulfill in their profession. With each business decision or transaction, there is an opportunity for mistakes to occur. When professionals consult with specialized attorneys, they receive advice on how to proceed in a particular situation. The oil and gas industry is a high-stakes environment, and businesses and professionals cannot afford to make mistakes.

Other Legal Services

The oil and gas litigation attorneys at The Potts Law Firm offer more than just advice. They also provide a range of services that offer legal protection to their clients. During a legal dispute, for example, these attorneys are capable of analyzing the situation and synthesizing an effective solution. Whether mediating contract negotiations or settling a disagreement, oil and gas attorneys are an invaluable resources to utilize.

Why Oil and Gas Attorneys are Essential

The law surrounding the oil and gas industry are too complex for non-legal professionals to traverse alone. Both businesses and employees benefit tremendously from having access to experienced lawyers who have extensive industrial experience. Oil and Gas attorneys know how to handle contract negotiations, manage business transactions, and settle legal disputes. Litigation attorneys are essential to handling a variety of legal and industrial issues. From project finance to real estate development, oil and gas litigation attorneys such as those at The Potts Law Firm manage an array of complex legal issues. Please contact us for more information.