Defective Medical Devices1The attorneys at The Potts Law Firm know how to tackle every detail of complex cases against even the most challenging corporations. We are experienced in handling tens of thousands of scientifically complex medical device claims for manufacturing or design defects in unsafe products.

When medical devices malfunction or fail, they can cause serious and life-threatening injuries. Our attorneys are dedicated to holding manufacturers and other parties responsible for damages caused by their negligence. If a defective medical device injured you or a loved one, our experienced team of attorneys may be able to help you seek compensation.


DePuy ASR metal hip implants can fail, causing severe pain and the necessity of additional corrective surgery, which victims may be able to seek compensation for.

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BULLETStryker Hips

These multi-piece hip implants may cause metal poisoning and other injuries to patients, leading to serious damage and even death.

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BULLETBiomet Hips

Patients can suffer serious damage when these defective metal hip implants deteriorate within the body, and they can seek out compensation for these injuries.

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This contraceptive hormonal ring can lead to vaginal infections, heart attacks, nausea, and a variety of other injuries in women.

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BULLETZimmer Hips

Several hip implants made by Simmer Holdings, including the Durom cup, can fail or degenerate, leading to serious injuries which current cases are seeking compensation for.

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BULLETZimmer Knees

Issues with several of Zimmer’s knee implant, particularly the NexGen line, may cause minor or serious complications.

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BULLETTransvaginal Mesh

Used to repair or reinforced weakened vaginal or surrounding tissue, this mesh has been known to breakdown and cause serious injuries.

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