BiometBiomet Hip Implants

 Biomet is an Indiana-based medical device manufacturer that specializes in implants to replace the hip, knee, shoulder, and other joints. In 2010, Biomet’s U.S. hip implant sales accounted for 12% of the total domestic hip implant market. The widespread sale of its metal on metal hip implants included defective medical devices, and many patients suffered a number of adverse side effects as a result.

What Biomet Hip Implants Are Considered to be Defective?

 The Biomet M2a Magnum, the Stanmore, and Exceed ABT hip implants are at the center of the controversy. The devices are made up of a chromium/cobalt femoral ball and acetabular cup that have been shown to deteriorate after use when the components rub together and shed into the patient’s system. Many other metal on metal hip implants have also been the subject of similar lawsuits.

What Are The Dangers of Biomet Hip Implants?

In addition to necessitating replacement and corrective surgery due to the defective Biomet hip implants, patients can also experience:

  • Pain and sensitivity
  • Metallosis, toxic exposure to metals in the blood
  • Necrosis and swelling
  • Nerve damage
  • Cobalt and chromium poisoning
  • Bone fraction and deterioration
  • Pseudotumors (soft tissue mass that can form as a result of reactions to excess metallic debris)

Biomet Hip Implant Attorneys

With hundreds of Biomet hip implant lawsuits in the United States alone as of 2012, many other cases are sure to arise.

In one such suit, a couple filed suit against the Biomet company alleging that the husband experienced problems with a metal on metal hip implant which resulted in the need for revision surgery after just one year. During that year, the patient suffered from debilitating pain, discomfort, soreness, dysfunction, loss of range of motion, and a fluid build-up around the hip joint.

Critics believe that the company knew of the problems surrounding the Biomet metal hip implants as early as 2006, but chose to continue marketing the defective medical devices as safe for the general public. The suit also claims that the FDA told the manufacturer about reported cases of problems, and the painful, expensive follow up surgeries the patients needed.

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