Insurance ClaimsIn a perfect world, insurance coverage would work clearly and disputes would not happen because policyholders and providers would clearly understand both the letter and the intent of all the coverage purchased. In reality, insurance laws are necessary because the complexity and specificity of most policy documents makes them nearly impossible to fully dissect without a specialist’s knowledge. That’s why insurance claims attorneys are so important, and at The Potts Law Firm, that is understood implicitly from the moment a case review starts.


Rarely, but not rarely enough, litigation becomes the only way to resolve disputes with insurance companies. This can happen when you are pursuing damages that another person is liable for under their policies, which commonly involves establishing their liability. It’s also possible for it to happen when pursuing a claim with your own insurance, which makes the process even more complex. Regardless of the kind of claim or damage, and regardless of whether it is your own provider or that of an at-fault party, the Potts Law Firm has experienced insurance claims attorneys ready to advise clients about the particulars of their claim and their options under the law, up to and including litigation.

BULLETRights and Responsibilities

Insurance is supposed to work as a hedge, protecting you, the policyholder, so that when the worst happens, you are taken care of. When it doesn’t work that way, your provider’s responsibility needs to be enforced. You have a variety of rights enshrined in both state and federal law, and you deserve to have them protected. Claims attorneys know the ways that the law can be misapplied, and they also know how to advocate hard for your rights, to make sure that it isn’t.

If you are facing any of these kinds of claims and finding that you are not getting cooperation, then it is time to have your case reviewed by an attorney at The Potts Law Firm:

  • Personal injury due to an automobile accident, slip and fall, or other unforeseen circumstance, resulting in medical expenses
  • Property damage or destruction, especially that caused by the actions or negligence of others
  • Covered damage to property under your policies, regardless of cause
  • Unconventional damages covered by specialty insurance riders and other individually negotiated contracts.

BULLETProtect Yourself

Whenever you find yourself facing an insurance provider whose statements about coverage don’t quite measure up to their behavior when claims come through, it is important to talk to dedicated insurance claims attorneys who can help you understand your rights. Contact The Potts Law Firm today to learn more about getting a case review, and get the help you need.