Personal Injury AttorneyAt The Potts Law Firm, we are not afraid to undertake the most challenging personal injury cases. Our team of experienced personal injury attorneys stands ready to investigate and pursue a wide range of claims from across the country.

An accident can leave a person in a bleak situation, and they may find themselves facing opposition when seeking compensation for the negligence of another. From traumatic injuries caused by a car crash to work related injuries, we know how to approach every detail of a variety of personal injury matters. With the help of a personal injury attorney, you can start feeling relief in your challenging situation.

BULLETCar Accidents

When a driver is distracted, drunk or simply reckless, they can cause a car accident that leads to serious injuries for other drivers and passengers. If you have suffered as part of a car crash caused by another’s actions, we may be able to help you seek compensation.

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BULLETTruck Accidents

18-wheelers and other diesel trucks are a necessary part of our society, but they can cause severe or even lethal injuries when they are operated unsafely.

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BULLETMedical Malpractice

If your trust in a doctor, nurse, or other medical staff has been violated and you have been injured through their negligence, you might have grounds to hold them liable.

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BULLETAviation Accidents

From pilots to airline attendants or manufacturers, even a small mistake on the part of a person involved with flying can lead to a disaster.

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BULLETOffshore Injuries

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed while at sea on a fishing vessel, cruise ship, or other boat, you may be able to seek compensation.  Find a personal injury attorney today.

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BULLETOilfield Injuries

The booming oil and gas industry has lead to a boost in employment across Texas but if safety precautions are not carefully observed, workers may face explosions, toxic chemicals, or other hazards.

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BULLETNursing Home Abuse

When at the mercy of nursing home staff, some patients may face mistreatment, neglect, or other abuse, which may be grounds to seek compensation.

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BULLETBirth Injuries

The dangers of childbirth can quickly lead to serious injuries or even death if the involved medical staff members are not diligent in every way. If either a mother or child has been harmed during delivery, you may be able to hold negligent staff liable.

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