8 Reasons Potts Is The Best Personal Injury Lawyer In Kansas City

When searching for a personal injury lawyer in Kansas and Missouri, you will see that many firms promise good results, but many don’t have the track record or wherewithal to prove it. It is critical for you to choose the best firm for your case. The best firms generate the best results for their clients. Here is a comprehensive list of qualities that describe the best firms.

8 Reasons Potts The Best Personal Injury Lawyer In Kansas City

  1. Experienced Practice Areas

    • Personal injury cases are often complicated and nuanced. Every case is different. Choosing a firm with an expert team of lawyers is an absolute necessity. You can rest assured that your case is in the best care when you work with Potts Law Firm.
    • At Potts Law Firm, we have a wide range of meaningful experience in personal injury cases. Including cases involving: employment law, automobile defects, dangerous drugs and medical devices, professional negligence, and much more. Our legal specialists and attorneys work around the clock to stay abreast of the latest litigious outcomes and caselaw for our clients.
  2. Proven Positive Outcomes

    • You need to ensure that the firm you hire has results that speak for themselves. How much has the firm received for their clients? How often do they have positive outcomes? These are salient considerations when it comes to personal injury law. The goal of the best firms is to secure the most favorable results for their clients.
    • Potts Law Firm has recovered over one billion dollars for our clients to date and counting. We work on a contingency basis. We don’t get paid unless our clients get paid.  Our number one concern is to secure the best results possible for each and every one of our clients, whether their cases are big or small.
  3. Clients Come First

    • The most common complaint that people have about mediocre personal injury lawyers is the difficulty they have in working with their chosen firm. We hear horror stories about people who can’t even contact an attorney at a firm they work with, or worse yet, have no communication with anyone. We believe this is unacceptable.
    • You can trust that at Potts Law Firm, we always put our clients first. We work tirelessly studying the details of our clients’ cases. We maintain an open line of communication with all of our clients. Potts thoroughly handle our cases through the entire legal process and proceedings. We make sure our clients are supported every step of the way.
  4. Professional Affiliations

    • Becoming board certified or earning certain professional affiliations is not easy to do in the legal field. For many of these certifications, attorneys need a certain number of trial hours and courtroom experience. When you work with a firm who can claim these types of qualifications, it really sets them apart from others who don’t have the same.
    • Our attorneys have earned a number of accolades and board certifications that prove our experience and quality of legal service. Potts is a demonstrative example of a respected and impactful law firm. We are proud of our attorneys’ many achievements and certifications. These affiliations and certifications prove our experience and professionalism when compared to other firms in the area.
  5. Resources and Support

    • Without the right resources and support, a personal injury lawyer will not be successful. When an inexperienced firm or attorney takes a case to trial without the proper preparation and the right resources, it is likely they will not recover what their client deserves. Resources, research, and preparation can sometimes make or break a case outcome.
    • No matter the roadblocks we face on our clients’ behalf, we are backed with the resources needed to win. Our goal is to hold big businesses and insurance companies accountable. Whether you or a loved one has been wrongfully harmed or you are experiencing a hardship caused by someone else’s negligence, at Potts Law Firm, we will tenaciously fight for you.
  6. Trial Expertise

    • Not every lawyer has seen the inside of a courtroom or even has successful trial experience. When it comes to selecting the best personal injury lawyer, make sure your attorney has a wealth of experience in the courtroom. Better yet, find an attorney who has experience winning cases in a trial or courtroom.
    • Our team is composed of the top seasoned litigators and legal support personnel in the industry. Our attorneys truly know how to win in a trial. We are proud of our ability to secure positive outcomes for our clients. This is one of the many qualities that make us one of the best personal industry firms you can find.
  7. Good Recommendations

    • It is risky to choose a firm to handle your case without hearing good recommendations or testimonials. There are a number of firms to choose from in the Kansas and Missouri areas, but not all of them know the markets and location as well as others. Looking into the experience and outcomes that former clients had with a firm is a great way to get a feel for what working with that firm may be like.
    • We have locations in your area. Therefore we know the local culture and industries better than most. We are proud of our client satisfaction and tout our client testimonials as proof of our success. It is not hard to easily find a great recommendation for our firm. Our clients are pleased by our thorough research into their cases and our sense of urgency in handling the legal battle.
  8. Overall Impression

    • When it comes down to the nut and bolts of the situation, working with the best personal injury lawyer or firm can be the most responsible choice. Choosing a reputable firm with a solid history and unmatched expertise gives clients the best chances to get what they deserve. Working with an unknown or untried firm can open up a situation to risk and uncertain expectations and outcomes.
    • Select the best law firm with the most experience and courtroom know-how to handle you case. At Potts Law Firm, with our solid reputation and long history of successful outcomes, we are a top choice.

The Best of the Best

We are a powerful firm with a proven track record of desirable results in personal injury cases. We have the experience, resources, and a client-centered approach you need. Let us put that quality to work for you.

Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and practice areas. We offer free case evaluations to anyone interested in working with us. When you work with Potts Law Firm, you are working with the best personal injury lawyers in Kansas City and Missouri.

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