Allegations Against Former Presbyterian Pediatrician Now Include Child Molestation

ALBUQUERQUE, NM, March 7, 2019 – An anonymous former patient of a Presbyterian doctor has filed a lawsuit alleging he was sexually molested by the physician as a child for over four years. The lawsuit details how Guy Rosenschein groomed the then 11-year old so that the child would be comfortable with the sexually lewd acts Rosenschein performed on him.

In addition to this explosive new lawsuit, four additional families have filed suit against Presbyterian alleging that Rosenschein, Presbyterian’s former head of Pediatric Urology, inappropriately touched and/or photographed their child’s genital areas during examinations and/or surgery. These lawsuits, filed in Bernalillo County, are five of dozens of lawsuits filed against Presbyterian relating to its negligent hiring and supervision of Rosenschein who was arrested for distribution of child pornography in November 2016.

The lawsuit involving the 11-year old is the first one to allege that Rosenschein sexually molested his juvenile patients. The lawsuit’s explicit details, which includes pictures of the minor and Rosenschein, shine more light on Presbyterian regarding its hiring and supervision policies pertaining to its most vulnerable patients, those in the pediatric ward.

“We always suspected that Rosenschein sexually molested his patients and now we have filed the first lawsuit of its kind illustrating this abuse. Presbyterian allowed this alleged sexual predator into their hospital without fully vetting him and subjected all New Mexicans to his wrath. We are proud to represent these families and will fight for the justice they righteously deserve,” said Adam T. Funk of the Potts Law Firm, who, along with Lee Hunt of the Hunt Law Firm, is representing plaintiffs in cases filed against Rosenschein and Presbyterian.

The case is titled John Doe 2 v. Guy Rosenschein, et. al., Case No. D-202-CV-2019-01899; Second Judicial District Court, Bernalillo County.

PREVIOUSLY, August 3rd, 2018

Partner Adam Funk of The Potts Law Firm filed two new lawsuits against former Albuquerque doctor Guy Rosenschein and Presbyterian Healthcare Services.

The lawsuits allege that Dr. Rosenschein committed multiple acts of sexual assault against his patients and possessed pornographic images of his patients while employed as a pediatric urologist at Presbyterian Healthcare Services. One lawsuit alleges Dr. Rosenschein photographed a 7-year-old girl’s genitals and tried to examine her without her mother present. The other lawsuit claims that Dr. Rosenschein touched and photographed a 7-year-old boy’s genitals.

Dr. Rosenschein saw dozens – if not hundreds – of patients each week. Parents have reason to believe their children were assaulted by Dr. Rosenschein as he would routinely ask parents to leave the room during their children’s’ exams and then photograph their children. Dr. Rosenschein would also perform surgeries that would last much longer than expected.

Dr. Rosenschein was a pediatric urologist at Presbyterian from 2012 until he was arrested in November of 2016. He is currently awaiting a criminal trial and is in federal custody. According to the superseding indictment issued in June, Rosenschein is being charged with 15 counts of possession and distribution of visual depictions of minors engaged in sexual conduct.

PREVIOUSLY, July 25th, 2017

Dr. Guy Rosenschein was a pediatric urologist who worked at the central Presbyterian Hospital from 2012 to 2016. Prior to 2012, Dr. Guy Rosenschein worked at various hospital in Arkansas, Missouri, New York, and France. In November 2016, law enforcement obtained a subpoena to enter into Dr. Guy Rosenschein’s household. The subpoena was issued after a months-long sting operation of perpetrators who possessed and distributed child pornography. Law enforcement was able to track down the IP address that uploaded and sent disturbing images of child pornography across the Internet. That IP address belongs to Dr. Guy Rosenschein’s computer.

During the raid, law enforcement found a 16-year-old boy in Dr. Guy Rosenschein’s bed wearing only underwear. The doctor said the boy was his nephew but later changed his story to say he was a former patient.

In addition to the underage boy, law enforcement found a thumb drive on Rosenschein’s keychain. The thumb drive contained thousands of images of child pornography. Rosenschein’s iPhone also contained photos of children’s genitals. Many of the photographs were within a hospital setting.

Potts Law Firm’s clients are former pediatric patients of Dr. Guy Rosenschein and Presbyterian Hospital. When they were treated by Dr. Rosenschein, the children ranged in age from 1 to 15 years old. Their lawsuits include claims of negligence, gross negligence, infliction of emotional distress, invasion of privacy, lack of informed consent, assault, and negligent hiring, training, credentialing, retention, supervision, and management.

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