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We depend on insurance policies to cover us in times of crisis and tragedy. Whether it be the devastating consequences of a natural disaster or frustrating losses resulting from theft, we expect our insurance provider to honor the terms of the policies we purchase. Sometimes, however, insurance companies refuse to act in good faith, even as you are struggling to manage considerable damage to your home or the loss of valuable property.

If your insurance provider has denied your claim or presented an unacceptable settlement offer, turn to Potts Law Firm. This is your life and property, and you deserve capable legal representation who understands what is at stake. For us, it’s all about our power and results. Our Bentonville insurance lawyers have over 250 years of collective experience and recovered over $1 billion for our clients. We are ready to help you take on your insurance company and facilitate the just outcome you deserve.

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How to Prepare to File an Insurance Claim after a Natural Disaster in Arkansas

Storms, tornadoes, floods, and even landslides have the potential to impact Arkansas homes and commercial properties. As a property owner, you likely have an insurance policy that is meant to financially protect you should your home or business suffer damages in a severe weather event. Be sure to verify what your policy specifically covers and what it does not cover. You may be surprised to learn that common types of weather events are excluded from your coverage – and you do not want to be caught unaware when a catastrophe occurs.

If you are confused about any of your policy’s language, our Bentonville insurance attorneys can walk you through what your premiums cover. We can also review best practices for preparing your insurance claim so that you have a higher chance of getting a sufficient settlement offer the first time.

As you get ready to file an insurance claim after a natural disaster in Arkansas, you should:

  • Confirm the deadline for filing your claim. You do not have unlimited time to file an insurance claim, even after a debilitating natural disaster. Most policies will establish time limits for informing the insurance company and starting the claims process. If you wait too long, your insurance company may be able to deny your claim even if you are fully covered under your policy.
  • Assess the safety of any buildings on your property. You should not enter your home or commercial building if it does not appear to be structurally sound. If necessary, consult local officials and emergency personnel when determining whether it is safe to return to a disaster-impacted area. Contact and work with your insurance company to get extra time if you cannot evaluate the extent of the damage before the deadline for filing a claim. You may need to immediately retain legal representation if they refuse to give you extra time.
  • Make an inventory of your property. If you do not already have a list of everything contained within your home or commercial building, you will need to create one before proceeding with an insurance claim. Reference old photos, available records, and your memory to produce a list that is as accurate as possible. Include as much detail as you can, including where each item was purchased from and how much each item cost. This inventory will serve as evidence that supports the value of your claim.
  • Document the damage. Once it is safe to enter your property, take extensive photos and videos of the damage. Try to document the state of entire rooms as well as damage to individual pieces of property. When possible, locate photos and videos of rooms and property prior to the natural disaster. This will allow you to give the insurance company before-and-after comparisons that show the complete scope of the damage.
  • Avoid cleaning up or disposing of damaged property. You will understandably want to put all of this hardship behind you and move forward as quickly as possible. However, outside of critical safety repairs, you should generally not clean up or throw away anything until an insurance adjuster has had a chance to see the property. If you must throw out certain items or conduct urgent repairs, take copious photographs of the property’s state before you remove it or make repairs.
  • Supervise the insurance adjuster when they arrive. After you file your claim, the insurance company will send an adjuster to inspect your damaged property. When they show up, help them understand the magnitude of the damage that your property has sustained. Answer their questions thoroughly and give them as much evidence and information as possible.

If your insurance company is not treating you fairly, contact us online or call (479) 323-3738 to discuss your case and explore your options.

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Why Do Arkansas Insurance Companies Deny Claims?

Insurance companies are businesses. While they have a legal obligation to their policyholders, many are looking to save money whenever possible. A natural disaster is often at odds with this goal, as these weather events will typically trigger a wave of claims. Some insurance companies will then seek any justification to deny a claim or offer less than what you are owed under the policy terms. A legitimate claim may be rejected on a questionable technicality, or the insurance company may argue the significant damages you reported only warrant a small payout. In either case, the insurance company is betting you will be unable to stand up for yourself and enforce your rights.

Our Bentonville insurance lawyers are ready to push back and fight for a fair outcome. We can help you manage communications with your insurance provider and appeal an unjustly denied claim. No matter the circumstances, we are on your side and will do everything possible to get you the money you need to get your life back on track.


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