Natural Gas Explosion

2 Injured in Another Possible Atmos Explosion

Two More Injured in Dallas, Texas in Natural Gas Explosion

An explosion occurred in Dallas, Texas on April 2nd at the 3700 block of Spring Avenue in what could be another Atmos Energy gas explosion.

Duplex resident, Willie Rocker, told Fox 4 News “I was using the restroom when I heard… well first of all the ceiling collapsed then I heard a loud boom. I came out of the bathroom seen that half of the roof was gone. We got out.”

The explosion destroyed much of the duplex and caused two men, Wayne Lundrum and Kelly McFarland, to be rushed to the hospital with serious injuries.

What caused the explosion?

While investigators haven’t concluded that Atmos Energy is at fault for the explosion, they do suspect it is “natural gas related.” The incident occurred just 13 miles from the deadly Atmos Energy explosion which occurred in late February of this year.

Since 2010, records indicate at least eight gas leaks occurred within the same block of one another. One instance occurred in 2015, injuring two residents. Atmos Energy promised to fix their faulty devices 8 years ago, but the explosions continue to happen.

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