Maternal Death Rates

Preventable Maternal Death Rates Keep Rising

Preventable Maternal Death Rates Continue to Rise in U.S.

According to a recent investigation by USA TODAY, thousands of women are suffering life-altering injuries, and even death, during childbirth each year because hospitals and medical workers are not performing safety practices that are known to diminish disaster.

USA TODAY obtained hundreds of thousands of internal hospital quality records, many of which were received through federally funded quality programs. They examined cases of more than 150 women whose deliveries went dreadfully wrong, and also contacted 75 birthing hospitals to find out if they follow recommended safety procedures with their patients.  The collective data of hospital records, combined with interviews conducted by USA TODAY, reveal there is a widespread failure to protect new mothers in the U.S. Dozens of hospitals treated less than half of their patients who were experiencing high blood pressure (and were at risk of stroke) in a timely manner. At many of these same hospitals, less than 15% of mothers in peril received recommended treatments.

While other countries around the world have aggressively monitored patient care and are continuously making improvements to reduce maternal deaths and injuries, the U.S. rate of maternal deaths has sharply risen. More than 50,000 mothers are severely injured and another 700 dies during childbirth each year in the U.S. It’s estimated that these statistics of injury and death could be cut in half with proper care from medical workers and hospitals.

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