Andrew Woellner

Woellner Helps Hurricane Victims With Insurance

The Potts Law Firm Partner Andrew Woellner passed the Puerto Rico Bar on May 10, 2018, and is prepared to assist those who were affected by Hurricane Maria.

Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico as a high-end Category 4 hurricane on September 20, 2017, just two days after its initial landfall as a Category 5 hurricane on Dominica. Hurricane Maria is believed to be the worst national disaster to affect Puerto Rico and is the deadliest Atlantic hurricane since 2005, with over 146 confirmed deaths. Estimated damages from Hurricane Maria are approximately $91.61 billion, making it the third-costliest tropical cyclone on record.

According to the Puerto Rico Insurance Commissioner’s Office, 272,000 Hurricane Maria insurance claims were still pending in June 2018. Claims were closed for 80,206 cases without any checks being written by insurers- 25% of which are under reconsideration.

Mr. Woellner and The Potts Law Firm have a successful track record of handling property insurance disputes arising from natural disasters and look forward to continuing that success in Puerto Rico. Mr. Woellner has represented victims of natural disasters in first-party insurance disputes since Hurricane Ike hit the Texas Gulf Coast in 2008. Since then, he has successfully handled insurance dispute claims involving hurricanes, hailstorms, tornadoes, and more.

If you’ve suffered property damage, business interruption, or other damages from Hurricane Maria and have been denied, underpaid, or delayed by your insurance company, contact the Potts Law Firm for a free case evaluation. The Potts Law Firm dedicates itself to guiding clients through the aftermath of natural disasters. We are ready to help you with every detail of your Hurricane Maria dispute.

Andrew Woellner’s Recent Results:

Commercial Property Roof Damage

Mr. Woellner secured a $400,000 settlement for a commercial property owner whose claim was denied by his insurance company. The insurance carrier claimed no roof damage had occurred, and even hired an engineering firm to support that opinion. Mr. Woellner used his experience handling first party insurance claim disputes to secure his client enough money to replace his roof and cover the cost of attorney fees and expenses. Attorney fees/expenses: $122,351.57

Condominium Property Damage

Mr. Woellner secured a $135,000 settlement for a condominium owner whose property was damaged after the Houston Memorial Day floods. The insurance carrier underpaid the client, offering only $6,733.99 for damage incurred to the carport, and blaming the entire building loss on a “flood exclusion.”

Mr. Woellner secured a substantial settlement for his client; defeating the insurance company’s flood argument and using the carrier’s own policy language to defeat its arguments regarding the interior damage. Attorney fees/expenses: $47,697.36

Commercial Building Roof Damage

Mr. Woellner secured a $135,000 settlement for a commercial property owner whose roof claim was denied by his insurance company. When evaluating the roof, the insurance carrier blamed the property damage on the age of the building and roof, and they hired an engineering company to support that opinion.

Mr. Woellner identified significant errors in the carrier’s evaluation and the engineering opinion and successfully secured his client enough money to replace his roof and also cover the cost of attorney’s fees and expenses. Attorney fees/expenses: $26,349.48