AAJ’s Zostavax Litigation Group

Adam Funk Made Co-lead for Zostavax Litigation

Each year the American Association for Justice holds an annual convention where leaders in the legal industry meet with one another to discuss the latest developments in trial advocacy and other specialized topics; allowing them to further their knowledge and stay ahead of the curve in their areas of practice.

At the AAJ 2018 Annual Convention, held in Denver, CO, Potts Law Firm Partner Adam T. Funk requested that a new Litigation Group on the Zostavax litigation be created.  Funk presented to the Section and Litigation Group Committee comprising of 20+ nationally renown lawyers who subsequently approved of the creation of the group.  The purpose of this group is to lead and educate other trial lawyers about taking legal action regarding the Zostavax Shingles Vaccine lawsuit. The Potts Law Firm Partner, Adam T. Funk, was appointed as co-lead of the Litigation Group.

About the Zostavax Lawsuit:

Zostavax is a vaccine designed to prevent shingles, a painful rash similar to chickenpox. After FDA approval in 2006, thousands of Zostavax injuries were reported ranging from shingles, postherpetic neuralgia, nerve damage, vision loss, hearing loss, vertigo/imbalance, heart attacks, strokes, neurological infections, disseminated varicella, secondary bacterial infections from the shingles rash, and even death.

In April of this year, the makers of the Zostavax Shingles Vaccine, Merck & Co. Inc., requested that the multiple lawsuits related to the vaccine be consolidated into one court. The Potts Law Firm is currently representing victims in this Multi-district Litigation who have suffered injuries after being injected with the Zostavax Shingles Vaccine. If you or someone you love received the Zostavax vaccine after its approval by the FDA at the age of 50 or older and suffered injuries, you could be compensated for your pain and suffering.

Adam has over 11 years of experience working on pharmaceutical cases and is particularly passionate about the Zostavax Shingles Vaccine litigation. Adam works in the Firm’s pharmaceutical & medical device division, as well as the personal injury division.  Adam’s cases have ranged from leading the fight on behalf of 3,500 clients injured by the pharmaceutical drug Reglan® in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court to trying a case in front of a New Mexico jury on behalf of a widow who lost his spouse due to medical malpractice, and many cases in between.

In addition to Adam’s legal experience, The Potts Law Firm has the resources and knowledge to evaluate cases from a medical perspective, with our highly accredited on-staff medical directors and physicians. Contact us today for your free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.