Gas plant explosion in Texas

Evacuation Ordered in Bellville, Texas after Western International Gas Plant Explosion

Evacuation Ordered in Bellville, Texas after Western International Gas Plant Explosion

First responders arrived on the scene in Bellville, Texas on Tuesday after several explosions were reported at Western International gas company on Highway 159 in Austin County. Bellville residents described hearing a series of blasts Tuesday morning, with noises compared to detonating grenades and thick black smoke filled the air.

Fear of future explosions, due to the nature of the combustible gases inside the plant, prompted authorities to order an evacuation in a five-mile radius from the plant, which was later reduced to a one-mile radius. Orders for evacuation were lifted later that evening, but a portion of Highway 159 between the Brazos River and Bellville remained closed because they were not passable due to the fire and smoke.  According to the Austin County Sheriff, no injuries have been reported from the incident.

What cases does The Potts Law Firm handle involving gas plant accidents and explosions?

Bodily Injury and/or Death

Permanent Disfigurement

Permanent Impairment

Permanent Disability

Medical Lien Resolution

Lost Wages

Reimbursement of Out of Pocket Expenses

Bellville Gas Plant Explosion Lawyers

Litigation for injury or death related to a gas plant explosion typically involves more expertise due to its complexity.  For example, permanent disfigurement may require a life care plan tailored to your unique circumstances.  There may also be substantial future medical care costs associated with your injuries.  Typically, experts are needed to prove up these claims.  In conjunction with our own expertise, we will ensure we have the right experts on your case to successfully prove up both the liability and injury claim.

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