School Abuse

Potts Represents Merryhill School Abuse Victims

The Potts Law Firm Represents Parker, CO Parents for Abuse at Merryhill School

The Potts Law Firm has filed suit on behalf of two parents whose children allegedly suffered abuse and chemical burns during their time at Merryhill School, a Nobel Learning Communities Inc. company in Parker, Colorado. The suit was filed against Merryhill School, Nobel Learning Communities Inc., and the teacher responsible for the abuse.

The parents who filed suit, Joel and Stacey Dant and Josh and Caitlin Sims, noticed marks on their children’s skin after their time at Merryhill School. Josh and Caitlin Sims’ son suffered burns and scabbing on his neck, while Joel and Stacey Dant’s son came home with irritations, bruising, and burns around his eyes. Both boys were three-years-old at the time of the incident.

Upon an examination with a pediatrician, it was determined the boys suffered from chemical burns. According to Stacey Dant, the actual element used on their children’s faces by teachers at the school was a Magic Eraser, containing numerous chemicals and a fine-grit sandpaper texture.

Maryhill School waited days before allowing the parents to see the requested footage from the surveillance videos. When the footage was finally released to the parents, it showed the “toughest thing” Josh and Caitlin Sims had ever seen. According to Mr. Sims, a teacher “Grabbed him [the Sims’ son] by his neck, pushing her thumb into his neck, ripped him over backward pulling him to the point his knees buckled.

An official investigation from Child Protective Services is ongoing and will likely take several weeks before being completed.

Merryhill School Lawsuit in Parker, Colorado

The Potts Law Firm is ardently representing victims and their families who were abused at Merryhill School in Parker, Colorado. If you or someone you know has suffered injuries due to the negligence or abuse of another, contact The Potts Law Firm today to speak with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys at no cost to you.