San Jacinto River Authority

Potts Firm Defeats San Jacinto River Authority

The Potts Law Firm Defeats the San Jacinto River Authority in District Court Hearing Involving Over 100 Kingwood, Texas Flood Victims

On January 22, 2018, The Potts Law Firm defeated the San Jacinto River Authority in a district court hearing in which the SJRA moved to dismiss the lawsuit involving over 100 Kingwood residents.  “It’s a great first step in achieving recovery for those adversely affected by the SJRA’ s decision to flood the thousands of residents downstream from Lake Conroe,” said firm attorney Andrew Woellner.

According to the Petition, the San Jacinto River Authority flooded hundreds of Kingwood homes and businesses by releasing water from the Lake Conroe Dam during Hurricane Harvey. This swelled the West Fork San Jacinto River, which caused thousands of homes to flood that otherwise would not have flooded from the rain alone.  The Potts Law Firm believes that the SJRA’s action in releasing the water from the dam grants property owners the right to just compensation through the laws of inverse condemnation and the Texas Constitution.

The San Jacinto River Authority has since appealed the district court’s ruling and The Potts Law Firm looks forward to the confirmation of the district court ruling.  Despite its loss against The Potts Law Firm, the SJRA has filed to dismiss nearly every single case brought against it, even though they have been denied in every attempt to dismiss it has made. To date, the SJRA continues to refuse to recognize they are the cause of any damage to the residents along the West Fork San Jacinto River, even though multiple state representatives agree that the San Jacinto River Authority was the cause of much of the flooding along the river.  Instead, the SJRA is putting its efforts and resources toward fighting and prolonging the lawsuits, rather than paying for the damage they’ve caused.

If you experienced property loss to a business or home due to the release of water from Lake Conroe after Hurricane Harvey, you may be able to recover all damages incurred to your property by filing your inverse condemnation case with The Potts Law Firm. Contact us today for your free consultation with one of our undefeated Hurricane Harvey inverse condemnation lawyers.