Houston Methodist Doctors Helping Haitian Women

Helping Haitian Women: Houston Methodist Doctors Travel to Perform Life-Changing Surgeries

Did you know one in five women across the world will experience at least one pelvic floor disorder in her lifetime? In the US, it is relatively easy to seek the expertise of urogynecologists, a surgeon who specializes in the care of the pelvic floor. However, women in other countries, such as Haiti, do not have access to this type of specialized care.

At the end of October and well into the first week of November, four Houston Methodist urogynecologists traveled to Haiti to see and treat patients at Hospital Bienfaisance de Pigon. This hospital is considered one of the most modern hospitals in Haiti – offering 65 hospital beds, 2 operating rooms, and a lab…ALL running on a SINGLE generator.

Derek H. Potts, national managing partner and founder of The Potts Law Firm sponsored the trip. Driven by his passion for litigation, Derek is one of the few plaintiffs’ lawyers from around the country to spearhead one of the largest medical device multidistrict litigation consolidations in history – he and his partners resolved more than $1 million in transvaginal mesh settlements.

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