Zostavax Multidistrict

Adam Funk to Lead Zostavax® MDL

The Honorable Harvey Bartle III appointed the Plaintiff Steering Committee to the Zostavax® Multidistrict Litigation (“MDL”) yesterday.  Three of the eight Committee members hail from law firms headquartered in Houston, Texas.  Houston members include Adam T. Funk, who was also appointed to the Plaintiffs Executive Committee, of The Potts Law Firm in Greenway Plaza, Caryn Papantonakis of the Johnson Law Group in Upper Kirby, and Brian Beckom of VB Attorneys in Tanglewood.

“The Plaintiffs Steering Committee is thoughtfully composed of individuals who have extensive pharmaceutical litigation. It is no surprise that Texas is well-represented in this litigation. Houston is home to some of the best pharmaceutical lawyers in the nation.” said Adam T. Funk.

Zostavax Lawsuit

The Zostavax® Multidistrict Litigation was created and assigned to Judge Bartle of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania in July 2018. The MDL consolidates all lawsuits filed across the nation relating to the Zostavax® Shingles Vaccine and injuries suffered due to the drug. Hundreds of lawsuits have been filed against the drug’s manufacturer, Merck, and thousands more are expected to follow.

The lawsuits generally allege that the Zostavax® Shingles Vaccine was defectively designed and claim Merck failed to warn consumers of the drug’s risks.  In early 2018, the FDA approved rival GSK’s shingles vaccine named Shingrix®. Shortly thereafter, in an unprecedented move, the CDC issued a recommendation to the medical community and public at large that Shingrix® should be administered over Zostavax® despite Shingrix® only being on the market for a few days.

Zostavax Lawyers

Adam Funk has over 11 years of experience working on pharmaceutical cases and is particularly passionate about the Zostavax Shingles Vaccine litigation. Mr. Funk works on the Firm’s pharmaceutical & medical device division, as well as the personal injury division.  Adam’s case experiences range from leading the fight on behalf of 3,500 clients injured by the pharmaceutical drug Reglan® to trying a case in front of a New Mexico jury on behalf of a widow who lost his spouse due to medical malpractice, and many cases in between.

In addition to Adam’s legal experience, The Potts Law Firm has the resources and knowledge to evaluate cases from a medical perspective, with our highly accredited on-staff medical directors and physicians. Contact us today for your free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.