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Albuquerque Police Tested For CBD Products

Officers in Albuquerque, New Mexico have tested positive for THC after using CBD products.

What is CBD?

CBD is a chemical compound knows as cannabidiol. Cannabid comes from the sativa plant known as marijuana or hemp. It is not psychoactive, and has become extremely popular as a treatment for pain and anxiety, among other things.

The Albuquerque Police Union

Some first responders are testing positive for THC in the state. Shaun Willoughby of the Albuquerque Police Union said, “We have experienced it in our department and we’ve had individuals negatively impacted.”

CBD has rapidly continued to rise in popularity, marketed as a natural solution to various injuries and anxiety. Though it comes from the same plant as marijuana. The THC level is low and comes without the effect of being high. Legally, CBD products must test under .03% THC. Beyond that, there is “little interference from the state or federal government,” according to Indy White, owner of New Mexico’s fastest growing medical cannabis company Pur Life.

This is a problem, as the market is largely unregulated. Some people are unfortunately using CBD at the recommendation of their doctors, without being sure of the contents. Not knowing that it could possibly lead to trouble, or even losing their jobs.

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