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Cruise Ships Responsible for Over 800 COVID-19 Cases

Cruise Ships Responsible for Over 800 COVID-19 Cases

Ships Were Hotspots For Transmission Of COVID-19.

COVID-19 has uncovered failings in various businesses across multiple industries. Of these markets, the travel industry has seen a lot of backlash for its shortcomings and the role they have played in the spread of the coronavirus.

A few claims, including some class action suits, have been filed. Some against different cruise lines whose ships were hotspots for the transmission of COVID-19.

Princess Cruises faced some backlash after the Grand Princess saw a few COVID-19 cases among its passengers. One passenger claimed staff neglected to alert her and her significant other on exposure risk to COVID-19 when they boarded the Grand Princess on February 21, 2020. The woman’s partner started experiencing symptoms while on board the Grand Princess, and unfortunately passed away due to the coronavirus.

The claim against Princess Cruises states that the cruise line let more than 60 travelers exposed to the virus stay on board the Grand Princess, without alerting passengers of the risk or being transparent about what was happening. Princess Cruises also didn’t push quarantining passengers for the recommended 14 days after discovering the presence of COVID-19 on board. A decision that was likely responsible for further transmission of the virus.

Passengers aren’t the only ones who have suffered. Crew members are suffering the shortcomings of safety procedures currently in place, too. Claims against Celebrity Cruises in the interest of crew members are based on the line’s supposed inability to “follow even the most fundamental security safeguards” in regards to spreading COVID-19. There has been a gross lack of direction in training and safety protocols to follow. Including, but not limited to failure to isolate any individuals who showed common side effects, encourage crew members to social distance, or provide basic PPE to employees.

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