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Distracted Driving #1 Cause of Vehicle Accidents in 2020

Distracted Driving #1 Cause of Vehicle Accidents in 2020

Did you know November 7, 2000 was the last deathless day on Texas roadways? According to the Center for Disease Control, distracted driving tops the list for causes of vehicular accidents and related deaths.

In 2019 alone, Houston had a total of 68,682 crashes, making our city first in total crashes in the State of Texas. In-turn, Texas leads the U.S. in auto-related fatalities. To make matters worse, research shows that Houston’s central corridor, Interstate 45, is the nation’s second-deadliest highway.  Check out the Potts Law Firm’s interactive map showing the most dangerous roads and intersections in Houston along with severity of the crash and type of transportation involved.

Knowing how dangerous driving in Houston can be and knowing that distracted driving is the number one cause for accidents, here are four tips to help you minimize distracted driving: 

  1. Keep your focus on the road and your surroundings, including other drivers.
  2. Don’t text or use a mobile device while driving.
  3. Avoid eating, drinking, reading, or interacting with objects in your car.
  4. Avoid applying makeup, checking your reflection, attending to other passengers, or focusing on the scenery outside.

While you may be free of distractions, you should always steer clear of those around you may not.

Here are four tips on how to spot a distracted driver:

  1. Drifting – Distracted drivers often have trouble staying in their lane.
  2. Sudden Braking – Drivers whose attention is elsewhere often must react to situations at the last minute, resulting in a hard break scenario.
  3. Long Pauses at Intersections – When a driver is not focused on the road, they may miss clues (car in front has moved, stop light turning green, etc.) that it is time to move forward.
  4. Slow Driving – Evidence has shown that when drivers face a distraction, the normal course of action is to slow down, even at speeds well below the speed limit.

Distracted driving is the #1 cause of vehicle accidents in 2020. The Potts Law Firm encourages fellow Houstonians to drive safe and stay safe while on our roadways!

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