Bus Crash

Mohave Country Bus Crash

A Las Vegas-based tour bus was traveling to the Grand Canyon on Friday, January 22nd. The bus rolled over in Mohave County Arizona. The tour was traveling to Grand Canyon West from Las Vegas, a 2.5-hour drive just outside of the Grand Canyon National Park. The bus was carrying 48 people, including the driver when it rolled over and slid down the road. Although none of the passengers were ejected from the bus, 44 of them were taken to Kingman Regional Medical Center. One passenger died due to the crash and two passengers were flown to the hospital by medical helicopter. Mohave County Sheriff’s spokeswoman, Anita Mortensen, says those two passengers are now in critical condition.

Fox News was able to obtain a few statements from passengers on that bus. One passenger stated that the bus was traveling at a high speed when the wreck occurred. Fox News also states that a federal investigator believes that inattention could be the potential cause of the bus crash, but local officials are still investigating.

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