Plane Crash

Plane Crash at Pearland Regional Airport

Yesterday evening a single-engine PZL-104 Wilga plane had a slight malfunction after landing at the Pearland Regional Airport after flying from Alvin. Texas Department of Public Safeties Sgt. Richard Standifer stated that the plane was able to land at the airport but once on the ground had some type of malfunction. He says that the problem could have been a landing gear issue causing the plane to leave the “far side runway, went into the embankment, and stuck the embankment on the high side closest to the left side of the runway.” There was severe damage to the front of the fuselage. The 58-year-old pilot was pronounced dead at the scene while the 38-year-old passenger was able to walk away before being transported to Clear Lake Regional Hospital.

The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are starting an investigation.

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