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Amtrak Train With 243 Passengers Derails

Amtrak Train With 243 Passengers Derails in Missouri

Several injuries have been reported after an Amtrak train traveling from Los Angeles to Chicago derailed after colliding with a dump truck, officials say. According to Amtrak, the passenger train struck the truck at a public crossing near the city of Mendon, Missouri at around 1:42 p.m. CT Monday, June 27th.

There have been several reports of injuries, but it is unclear how severe they are. Missouri Governor Mike Parson states he does believe there are fatalities and that the highway patrol and other personnel were responding to the scene. Photos and videos circulating on social media appeared to show numerous train cars flipped on their sides as passengers were climbing out to safety, revealing the gravity of the disaster.

Today’s derailment marks the second consecutive day an Amtrak train was involved in an accident as just on Sunday, another Amtrak had crashed killing three near Brentwood, California.

The law requires train operators and railroad companies to follow a set of safety guidelines for the protection of passengers. Our firm is actively investigating the incident and why it happened. Incidents such as these can be complex situations with numerous potential liable parties. You may need the guidance of a train accident lawyer who will assist in holding the responsible party accountable. We have offices nationwide, with one being in Kansas City, Missouri, which is just a couple of hours out from where the incident occurred. We have been in the state for 20 years and have helped recover just compensation for countless clients.

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