Chlorine Exposure

Chlorine Exposure at Metro Atlanta Pool

Multiple Children Sickened and Hospitalized after Chlorine Exposure at Metro Atlanta Pool

At least 20 children were sickened after toxic chlorine exposure on Wednesday, June 15th. The incident occurred at a public pool in Atlanta. Children and several adults began experiencing symptoms of exposure immediately and were vomiting, having trouble breathing, and experiencing a burning sensation in their eyes.

Emergency crews were called to the area around 4:45 p.m. and found children of various ages who had gotten sick and began triaging them, dubbing the incident what they called a “mass casualty and hazardous material incident.” Four of the exposed children had to be taken to the hospital via ambulance for their illness and at least two were taken by their parents.

According to initial reports to 911, a large amount of chlorine had been accidentally introduced into the pool “in a very concentrated and quick manner.” The air in surrounding areas was also found to show traces of the toxic chemical, which prompted a shelter-in-place for nearby businesses.

The conditions of the affected children have yet to be released. The full cause of the chlorine spill is still under investigation.

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