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When two parties attempt to negotiate the terms of a contract, they often have difficulty achieving a resolution that satisfies everyone involved. These negotiations require patience, collaboration, and a willingness to compromise. Seasoned legal professionals can help facilitate the development of these traits and work to ensure an agreement is reached. When the relationship between the two parties sours, legal representatives can help reestablish peace and make every effort to avoid a need for litigation.

Our team at Potts Law Firm has substantial experience settling high-stakes contract-related disagreements and other commercial conflicts, including breaches of fiduciary duty. Our business dispute lawyers can provide the sophisticated, aggressive representation you need to achieve your objectives, even in the face of stalemates or outright hostility. While our goal is to avoid litigation whenever possible, we are skilled trial attorneys who will diligently work to protect your interests in and out of the courtroom.

If you have become involved in any kind of business dispute, schedule a free initial consultation by calling (888) 420-1299 or contacting us online. We offer same-day appointments and provide services in English and Spanish.

How Do Business Disputes Arise and How Can They Be Avoided?

A dispute tends to develop when one party believes another party is not living up to a promise or legal obligation. Contracts are commonplace in just about every industry, from real estate to construction to entertainment. A well-written legal agreement will thoroughly define each party’s responsibilities and include contingencies for scenarios where contractual conditions are not met.

Put simply, contracts are designed to ensure everyone is on the same page while protecting the rights of everyone involved in the relationship or transaction. To limit the likelihood of a costly dispute, you should negotiate an enforceable legal agreement whenever you plan to engage with another party.

While many contract negotiations will play out in a smooth, harmonious manner, others can devolve into contentious impasses. Legal professionals can work to overcome disagreements and allow an agreement to come to fruition.

Our business dispute attorneys can assist you with many types of contracts, including:

  • Employment and Independent Contractor Agreements. When businesses hire employees or independent contractors, they need contracts that define each individual’s role, classification, pay, job responsibilities, conditions of employment, employment period, company policies, grounds for termination, and other pertinent elements.
  • Restrictive Covenants. Businesses seek to protect their intellectual property and trade secrets through the use of several types of restrictive covenants, including nondisclosure and non-compete agreements. A nondisclosure agreement limits what a contractual party can share with others, while a non-compete prevents an ex-employee from working for a competitor operating in a certain geographic area for a set period of time. Non-competes are not enforceable in some states and must be carefully drafted in areas that do allow them.
  • Buy-Sell Agreements. A buy-sell agreement facilitates an unambiguous transfer of ownership when a partner in a business passes away or departs. These contracts are frequently used by sole proprietorships, closed corporations, and partnerships.
  • Purchase Agreements. Whether you are attempting to facilitate a single transaction or an ongoing arrangement, a purchase agreement will lay out the terms of the deal, including the purchase price.
  • Formation Agreements. When a new business entity is created, its formation documents make up the contractual foundation of the company. Partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, and other applicable contracts will be necessary to determine how the business will be organized, how decisions will be made, and how disputes will be handled.

Can an Attorney Assist Me with Contract Negotiations?

A contract dispute lawyer’s primary job is to serve as a negotiator. They shuttle between the two parties, discussing with each the disputed terms of the contract and how they might arrive at a compromise. In many situations, a conflict is rooted in a simple misunderstanding. Attorneys have the knowledge required to analyze a contract and explain any confusing aspects to both parties, potentially resolving points of contention in the process. They can also ensure the language of a proposed contract is enforceable and consistent with the goals of the relationship or transaction.

Our business dispute lawyers are capable of dealing with numerous types of contractual conflicts, including:

  • Breaches of Contract
  • Commercial Contract Disputes
  • Employment Agreement Disputes
  • Manufacturing Contract Disputes
  • Shareholder Issues

Businesses of all sizes and industries depend on contracts to protect themselves as they grow and prosper. When two parties cannot agree with each other, they put their companies at risk. Retaining legal representation can help you end disagreements quickly and efficiently. Through extensive research and thoughtful mediation, our team has the means to bring about an optimal resolution.

What Are My Legal Options If a Contract Is Breached?

If another contractual party has not lived up to the terms of the agreement, you may be entitled to one or more legal remedies, including compensatory damages you sustained as a direct result of the breach. To enforce your contractual rights, you will need to file a breach of contract lawsuit. You will only prevail if you can prove a valid, enforceable contract existed, which is why it is important to engage an attorney to assist you with contract negotiations from the start.

When negotiations break down or breach of contract litigation becomes a possibility, call (888) 420-1299 or contact us online to discuss your options with our dedicated team.

Why Potts Law Firm?

When you are struggling to negotiate a contract or believe your rights have been violated, it’s all about having a team with reach, power, and results. Our firm has eight locations throughout the United States, allowing us to assist you wherever you are. We are committed to our clients and have the proven ability to successfully advocate for them in a variety of forums. Our lawyers are well-equipped to handle contractual matters of all complexities and will always fight to secure the best possible outcome.


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