COVID-19 & Breach of Contract Claims

Breach of Contract Claims in the Midst of COVID-19.


Will you get your money back and protect your assets in light of the current coronavirus pandemic? Businesses and individuals around the world are struggling with the realities and implications of the COVID-19 outbreak. In the crisis that is COVID-19, experiencing a breach of contract is unfortunately a large possibility. The shutdowns and slowdowns of business operations have forced many to closely examine existing contracts for goods and services, seeking to determine what recourse might exist to recover any financial loss. Many of the resulting claims raise significant and complex legal, contractual and insurance issues, and involve questions of great importance for the future.

A variety of claims alleging breach of contract will be filed coming out of the pandemic, and some of the most common are likely to be:

  • Failure to deliver contracted goods and services according to the contract
  • Unlawful termination of a valid contract
  • Failure to deliver promised royalty fees and similar compensation
  • Excessive fees and prices for contracted goods and services
  • Failure to provide contracted educational offerings, housing and associated academic experiences
  • Refusal to deliver timely refunds and deposits from cancelled travel, events and similar purchases


How we can help.

Are you suffering personal financial losses that have not been resolved? If so, you are not alone. Whether representing plaintiffs or defendants in breach of contract claims, our attorneys are prepared to guide you through the litigation process. The experienced team at the Potts Law Firm is prepared to aggressively advocate for your rights. If your business is facing litigation, or alleging that another company is not meeting its obligations, contact the Potts Law Firm to learn more and receive a free consultation.

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