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Representing Houston Businesses in Commercial Litigation and Other Matters

Businesses of all industries will face numerous types of challenges as they work to achieve their objectives. Some of these problems may involve external parties, including other businesses, while other conflicts may emerge within an organization. As a business leader, you owe it to yourself and your company to hire seasoned legal advocates to help you navigate difficult transactions and disagreements.

When faced with a contentious, high-stakes business dispute, you need a team with a history of success. At Potts Law Firm, it’s all about our power and results. Our Houston commercial lawyers have recovered over $1 billion for our clients and are deeply familiar with the intricacies of the local economic landscape. We are also well-versed in the complex laws that apply in a wide variety of situations. From breaches of contract to breaches of fiduciary duty to matters of real estate, we are committed to protecting your commercial interests and will always endeavor to deliver the best possible outcome.

If your business has become involved in any kind of dispute, do not wait to call (713) 348-9638 or contact us online and schedule a free initial consultation. We offer same-day appointments and provide services in English and Spanish.

Types of Commercial Litigation We Handle in Houston, TX

Commercial law encompasses all of the potential conflicts an organization might encounter in the course of doing business. This may include disputes amongst leadership, disputes amongst shareholders, disputes with another business or individual, intellectual property disputes, allegations of deceptive trade practices, allegations of unfair competition, and more. If your business suffers damages due to the unlawful actions of another party, whether that be an individual or another company, you will need to promptly explore all available remedies, including litigation.

Our Houston commercial attorneys are prepared to assist you with all of your business’s needs, including matters involving:

  • Business disputes
  • Breaches of contract
  • Breaches of fiduciary duty
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Real estate disputes
  • COVID-19 and business insurance
  • DTPA consumer law
  • Qui tam whistleblower litigation

Do I Need to Create a Formal Business Entity in Houston, TX?

If you are looking to start a new business, it is generally in your best interest to create and register a formal business entity. If you are wishing to go into business alone and run everything yourself, you can operate as a “sole proprietorship,” which does not require formal registration. However, sole proprietorships lack the protections and advantages offered to other entities. As the sole proprietor, you will assume unlimited liability for the actions of your business, for example.

The entity you choose for your business will determine your level of personal liability, how you (and your organization) will be taxed, how your organization will operate, how decisions will be made, and how disputes will be settled, among other things. It is a decision that warrants the tailored legal guidance we can provide.

Our team can help you form a:

  • Limited partnership (LP). A limited partnership facilitates investments in a business. A general partnership runs the company on a day-to-day basis and assumes liability for its actions, while limited partners offer investments, do not have managerial duties, and are only liable up to the value of their investments. Limited partnerships require comparatively less paperwork and fewer formalities than other types of entities.
  • Limited liability partnership (LLP). In an LLP, all partners enjoy limited liability and help run the business. Each partner in an LLP is only liable for their individual activities, not the actions of the other partners. LLPs also require relatively little paperwork and few formalities when compared to the requirements of a corporation.
  • Corporation. A corporation is made up of corporate officers (who run the business), shareholders (who own stock in the business and elect directors), and a board of directors (who oversee the officers and answer to the shareholders). Shareholders are not liable for the company’s actions or debts, and corporations can be publicly or privately traded. Certain types of corporations can leverage significant tax advantages. Corporations also generally have access to numerous fundraising mechanisms.
  • Limited liability company (LLC). LLCs combine elements of partnerships and corporations. Members enjoy limited personal liability, and the entity offers certain tax advantages. LLCs tend to be more flexible than the more rigid corporate structures.

Many entity types, including LLCs and corporations, have strict reporting requirements that must be carefully honored to avoid problems. After our Houston commercial lawyers help you make a decision, draft formation documents, and register your new business with the Texas Secretary of State, we can walk you through what will be required of your organization and how you can stay in compliance.

We are ready to serve as your business’s trusted legal partner. Contact us online or call (713) 348-9638 to discuss your needs with us.

It's All About Your Recovery

Hear From Our Past Client's
  • I had a wonderful experience with this law firm.

    “They were able to complete it in a timely manner and were great at keeping me up to date with communication throughout the entire process. I highly recommend using this law firm if the need arises.”

    - Stephen P.
  • I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him or any of the team at Potts.

    “Michael Bins has been extremely helpful in helping us to navigate a situation with an insurance claim on a commercial property. He’s gone above and beyond in moving our case toward a positive resolution that we’re satisfied with.”

    - Theo C.
  • The Potts Law Firm is a powerhouse of brilliant attorneys.

    “They know the law from every angle, dig deep, and will not accept anything less than what was asked in the original suit. The Potts team never backed down until the case was settled in full.”

    - Molly H.
  • I would recommend Potts Law Firm for any and all legal matters that come my way in the future!

    “The Potts Law Firm answered all of my numerous questions in layman’s terms which is what I needed. I was able to lie back & heal from my injuries knowing full well that my obligations were being handled appropriately.”

    - W. Gary
  • Great law firm!

    “Very responsive they would call and text me about everything going down! They helped me get through my car crash and I would greatly recommend this team!”

    - Hugo G.

How Potts Law Firm Can Help

Beyond litigating disputes, there are other scenarios where an organization will require legal support. Many disputes can be proactively avoided through compliance with all applicable laws and the implementation of best practices.

Potts Law Firm can help you:

  • Form a new business entity
  • Draft formation documents, operating agreements, and other foundational contracts
  • Write, negotiate, review, and finalize legal agreements of all kinds
  • Protect trade secrets, patents, copyrights, and trademarks
  • Explore mergers, acquisitions, and other major transactions
  • Understand the laws that apply to your business

it's all about your best possible result

Explore our past successes
  • Fraudulent Transfers $2.42 Million

    Potts Law Firm represented a Bankruptcy Trustee, resulting in a combined $2.42 million being recovered for creditors of ATP Oil & Gas Company. The claims related to fraudulent transfers of overriding royalty interests in oil & gas properties made by ATP in a failed attempt to liquidate the assets of the company.

Why Should I Hire a Lawyer to Help My Business with Contracts?

Contracts are binding legal agreements that define your obligations to another party (and their obligations to you). Fully understanding the language of a contract and confirming it is consistent with your expectations and goals is paramount to avoiding unintended, unfortunate outcomes, including breach of contract litigation. Though you are not required to hire an attorney to help you draft and finalize contracts, doing so is prudent. We can provide dependable and sophisticated guidance with all types of contracts, from employment agreements to restrictive covenants to purchase agreements. Our team will ensure each contract’s language is enforceable and accomplishes its intended objectives. If you believe your business’s contractual rights have been violated, we can also help you explore litigation options and fight to recover damages.


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