Tips for Avoiding Truck Accidents IT'S ALL ABOUT THE RIGHT CHOICE

Tips for Avoiding Truck Accidents

Our tips for avoiding truck accidents include:

  • Avoid blind spots: Big rigs and other large vehicles have much larger blind-spot areas than traditional passenger vehicles.
  • Practice safe passing: When passing an 18-wheeler or commercial truck, try to approach from the left/driver side to allow the truck driver to better see you. Keep a constant speed while passing, and always use your turn signal. Prior to merging back into the lane in front of the truck, make sure you can see it in your rearview mirror to ensure a safe distance.
  • Allow more time: This tip allows the truck driver more time to respond to your intended maneuver and slow down if needed.
  • Increase following distance: Drivers who tailgate an 18-wheeler or commercial trucks increase the danger of the truck driver not seeing them. If you cannot stop in time or are rear-ended while traveling closely behind an 18-Wheeler or commercial truck, your car may be pushed underneath the trailer — a type of collision that tends to be catastrophic.
  • Watch for wide turns: An 18-wheeler or commercial truck may need to swing left to gain room for a right turn or may start a turn from the middle lane of traffic. Do not attempt to pass an 18-wheeler or commercial truck that has a turn signal on, and do not drive between the truck and the curb.
  • Drive patiently: Practice patience when driving near an 18-wheeler or commercial truck. Truck drivers are required to operate their truck with more stringent rules and regulations regarding speed and distance.
  • Wear your seat belt: In addition to following the law, wearing a seatbelt has been proven to save lives or avoid more serious injuries in an accident.
  • Stay focused: Driving a vehicle on the road requires a driver’s complete attention. Driving distracted (such as operating electronic devices or eating) or driving tired can decrease your response time should a sudden emergency or hazard occur.

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