Airbag and Seatbelt Failures

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Most vehicles manufactured today are equipped with front and side airbags. Airbags are an amazing technology that have saved countless lives but, unfortunately, some airbags are designed, tested or manufactured improperly. Many catastrophic or fatal accidents involving airbag failure could have been relatively minor accidents with proper airbag deployment.

As defective automobile lawyers, we see many accidents involving airbags that do not work as they were intended. If you or a loved one have been involved in a serious accident where your airbags did not deploy, contact the airbag defect attorneys at The Potts Law Firm to determine if you have a case against your vehicle manufacturer.


Safety belt technology has changed in many ways since its implementation in the 1960s, but the basic concept of keeping occupants secure and safe in vehicles is still the same. While most drivers and passengers wear a seatbelt (about 80%), some become victims of vehicle seatbelt failures during an automobile accident.

As defective seatbelt lawyers, we see many accidents involving seatbelt failure that result in serious personal injury or death. If you or a loved one have been involved in a serious accident involving a seatbelt defect, contact the injury attorneys at The Potts Law Firm to determine if you have a case against your vehicle manufacturer.

Common Damages
  • Paralysis and spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain Injuries
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Internal injuries and bleeding
  • Facial fractures and scarring
  • Burns
  • Death to a family member or loved one
Frequently Asked Questions
I was involved in an accident and my airbags did not deploy. Why is this the case?

Airbags are not designed to deploy (inflate) in every type of accident. Frontal airbags are intended to deploy during a major frontal collision, and do not typically deploy in accidents involving impact only to the undercarriage of a vehicle (i.e. impact with animals, curbs or potholes).

Side airbags deploy in many types of accidents and usually only deploy on the side of the original impact. Some side curtain airbags are designed to deploy during side impact or roll-over crashes to help prevent vehicle ejection.
Your airbags may have also failed to deploy due to:

  • Defective crash sensors
  • Defective electronic deployment signal from your vehicle’s computer
  • Defective airbag due to bad wiring or inflators
Does there have to be a recall to win my auto defect case?

No. Many defects are not recalled. Regardless of whether your vehicle has been formally recalled, you may still have a case. Contact the airbag failure lawyers at The Potts Law Firm to have your vehicle inspected by some of the leading experts in the country to determine why your airbags did not deploy.

What are some common safety belt failures?

Safety belt system failures include:

  • Inertial unlatching; where a defective seatbelt buckle may become unlatched during an accident
  • Seatbelt retractor failure; resulting in a seatbelt that fits loosely around the occupant
  • False latching; where a defective seatbelt appears to be latched, but is not properly latched
  • Seatbelt breakage; where the seatbelt webbing itself tears or frays
  • Pre-tensioner failure; where an inertial assist to lock a seatbelt during an accident fails.

If you are a family member have been the victim of a defective seatbelt in an accident, it is important to have the status of the seatbelt documented as soon as possible.

What if I am not the first owner of the vehicle?

You do not have to be the first owner of the vehicle to have a products liability case. You also do not need to be the person who purchased or currently owns the vehicle to bring a claim. If you were the driver or passenger of a defective vehicle, or an innocent third party hurt by a defective vehicle, you can bring a products liability claim against the automobile manufacturer in most states.

What is a statute of repose?

A statute of repose is like a statute of limitations, but instead of being based on the date of injury or the date you discover injury, it is based on when the product that injured or killed someone was manufactured or first used. In some states, it is also based on the useful life of the product.

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