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Purchasing real estate is an investment in your future. This is true whether you are purchasing a family home, rental property, or business proposition. Since real estate is such a large, important investment it is crucial that every aspect of the transaction be completely accurate and legal, otherwise you may find yourself embroiled in a legal battle to get it right. The Potts Law Firm has experienced real estate law attorneys that partner with you to ensure that your deal is structured correctly for the needs of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions
Who does Potts Law Firm represent in a Real Estate Dispute case?

No matter what role you play in the process, it’s wise to have real estate law attorneys on your side to understand the fine print terms of the sale. The Potts Law Firm has represented:

  • Owners
  • Developers
  • Investors
  • Landlords
  • LLCs
What kind of experience does Potts Law Firm offer?

We have a great team of real estate law attorneys that understand the complexities of a given project. Whether you’re negotiating a purchase or making an investment in a condominium, you can count on us to be pragmatic and cost-sensitive when handling your transaction. We have experience in the following types of cases:

  • Retail centers
  • Residential subdivisions
  • Medical centers
  • Landlord-tenant problems
  • Deeds
  • Sale Agreements
  • Loan applications
  • Title disputes
How should I go about business planning?

Before you and a group of individuals come together to purchase real estate, get legal advice on how you want to form your business, from a simple partnership to corporation. Even family members who are bringing resources together to make an investment in real estate as a commercial operation should have a legal advocate to ensure good relations down the road. Setting up your business correctly when you purchase you’re buying land makes the process much easier down the road. As you add investors and shareholders, it’s important to have the setup that fits your needs.

Making practical legal options

Once you’ve made an investment in real estate, the law is very complex on how you can proceed. The Potts Law Firm does the research and analysis of your case to help you know what your options are when there is a dispute that halts your commercial real estate transaction, wherever you are in the process.

If your business is going to flourish, you need rational legal representation that will be there for you from negotiating to stay out of the courtroom to fighting aggressively should you end up in litigation. Entrust your business and real estate transactions to attorneys that want what’s best for your organization and the way it is set up. Get it right before you begin to save time and money with the experienced attorneys who work for you.

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