eminent domainEminent Domain & Condemnation is a complex aspect of law which involves the right of the government, either local or federal, to seize private land from an individual or company. They can do this without the consent of the owner of said land. However, the government can only take this land if it is for public use, such as road building or construction. Fighting back against these seizures can require the help of eminent domain attorneys, such as those employed by The Potts Law Firm.





Fair Value of Property

The fifth amendment to the constitution guarantees that you be paid a fair value for land seized by the government. However, the word ‘fair’ is highly variable and often determined by the government. Trained eminent domain attorneys will be able to help you get an actual fair market value for your home, property or business after it has been seized. This means that they will judge based on similar eminent domain & condemnation cases and the damages awarded to your neighbors in order to ascertain what a fair price for the land in question may be.


Another big thing that eminent domain attorneys can help you get is damages. This can be especially beneficial for people who have had their businesses seized by the government in an eminent domain & condemnation case. This can include multiple forms of damages. Severance damages may occur when only part of a parcel of land is condemned. The rest of the parcel can be damages by this process. Pre-condemnation damages can also arise from this type of case.


If the government condemns your home or business in order for them to take it and use it for public purposes, they should pay relocation costs. Professional eminent domain attorneys, like those at The Potts Law Firm, will fight for you to get the relocation costs that you require in order to continue living your life. They will make sure that you are able to move into a new home, office or location without worrying about where the money is going to come from. It’s always good to have someone in your corner, fighting for your interests. Make sure you have the help you need when it matters most.

If you are actively involved in an eminent domain & condemnation case, The Potts Law Firm can give you the experienced legal representation you need. Our eminent domain attorneys can help you with your lawsuit in many different ways. Please contact us for a consultation.