labor litigationLabor employment attorneys focus on a variety of disputes related to all kinds of labor laws, representing clients who feel they have been treated unfairly in a variety of ways. This can cover a wide range of topics, including workplace bullying and harassment, discrimination, and several other forms of mistreatment in the professional realm. The laws governing which demands employers are and are not allowed to make of employees are complex. However, the experienced attorneys at The Potts Law Firm are familiar with the intricacies of labor employment law and are committed to serving clients.

Damages for Unfair Treatment

It is possible to collect financial compensation if you are treated unfairly in the workplace, especially if that treatment has resulted in demonstrable financial losses, missed opportunities for advancement, or lopsided access to professional development and other resources. If your relationship with your employer has crossed any of those lines, then it is important to have your case assessed by someone who can sort out the actionable mistreatment from the conflicts that fall outside of legal protections.

Protection by Representation

If the Potts Law Firm reviews your case and finds that you do have enough evidence of a pattern of mistreatment under the law, there are a variety of ways help to protect you against further mistreatment during the process of pursuing your case. One of the biggest advantages to working with labor attorneys is their ongoing commitment to keeping you protected and, if possible, resolving the dispute with your current employer. Depending on your case, this might involve

  • Direct negotiation with employers or their representatives for workplace accommodations or changes
  • The use of injunctions and restraining orders to prevent organizational change that impacts your position or earning potential during the case
  • The assertion of rights under existing statutes and the documentation of employer responses

The individual steps taken by labor employment attorneys on your case will depend a lot on your specific situation, but The Potts Law Firm is ready and willing to do whatever needs to be done to ensure that your rights are protected.