Many construction companies are subject to lawsuits. This is due, in part, to the nature of work being completed which is often accompanied by demanding timelines and requirements outlined in the construction contract.

Construction lawsuits may arise if there is any deficiency or failure at the construction site. If a construction site does not pass inspection because the foundation, the slope and shoring, or any of the concrete in the project does not satisfy building regulations, a property owner may sue for damages. If a construction project experiences excessive work scope changes, delays, or lost productivity claims that are a direct result of poor work performance or other preventable problems, that may also result in a construction lawsuit.

If a project has experienced any deficiencies or failures during the construction process, disputes may arise that quickly shift the property owner’s focus from their construction project to the courtroom. When faced with a construction lawsuit, you will need experienced construction litigation attorneys fighting for you. The Potts Law Firm attorneys know how to manage construction legal cases and have helped thousands of clients receive the justice they deserve.

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