Crime Survivor Cases

Sex assault, premises liability, dram shop, civil rights, and human trafficking cases will be included in the CSC division. This caseload stems from criminal actions against private citizens. It is a little-known fact that criminal liability is not the only source of justice for survivors of violent crimes.

When criminal incidents occur at or near third-party entities such as hotels, apartment complexes, restaurants, etcetera, these entities may be civilly liable to the survivor or the victim’s estate for their failure to provide adequate security, follow proper protocol, or failure to perform a duty owed to the survivor that would have mitigated or prevented the criminal act. Further, when certain crimes, such as sexual assaults, occur in private homes, the homeowner and the homeowner’s insurance may be liable for these occurrences. When this is the case, our office is happy to help survivors of these heinous crimes get the money they need to move on with their lives.

A civil rights violation occurs when a government entity, by and through its officials, commits a crime against a private citizen. Police brutality is an example of this. Our office is dedicated to getting victims the compensation they deserve when they suffer these abuses of power.

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