Energy Contract Disputes

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Every aspect of the energy sector is typically tied to a contract.  There is no shortage of contracts and forms in the energy world; from employment agreements governing the workers and executives to the transmission, processing, and supply agreements governing the marketing, sale, and usage of the applicable units.

Our experience navigating and litigating the breaches of these agreements gives our clients the benefit of a foundational understanding of unique issues facing each and every client we represent.  Litigating these matters and explaining them to a jury requires a special understanding both of the applicable sub-industry and client’s objective, which our real-world and trial experience gives us the ability to provide. If you are involved in an energy contact dispute, The Potts Law Firm today for your free energy law consultation.

Common Recoverable Damages

Typically, the damages recoverable for a breach of contract are specified in the contract.  If they are not specified, then contact one of our attorneys, as the applicable state or federal laws will effect the recoverable damages.

Frequently Asked Questions
What if my contract contains an arbitration clause?

The Potts Law Firm can handle your arbitration case as well.  Many oil and gas contracts require arbitration.  The lawyers at The Potts Law Firm have significant experience litigating arbitration matters throughout the country.

Is the contract construed against the drafter?

Whether the contract language is construed against the drafter, or contra proferentem as it is termed in Latin,  depends on a myriad of factors including: what state or federal law applies, whether the contract is truly ambiguous, and the actual interaction of the parties with regard to the drafting of the contract.  At The Potts Law Firm, our lawyers are well experienced in litigating energy contract disputes.

Can I afford to fight the Oil and Gas Companies?

The energy law attorneys at The Potts Law Firm work on a contingency fee basis. This means that we will work on your case and advance the expenses of litigation for you. You will not be charged any attorney fees or expenses unless we win your case.

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