Mineral / Royalty Rights Disputes

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The right to own land, and own the minerals beneath that land, is one of the greatest privileges we have in this Country. As such, ownership of Mineral and Royalty Rights has been fought with guns and gavels in this country for over a hundred years.

Oil and Gas companies have wrongfully cheated consumers out of billions of dollars in wrongfully withheld royalties for decades. Sometimes this withholding of payment can be innocent by the companies, but often it is intentional. Regardless of the motive, consumers have a right to seek redress for their damages.

If you feel you’ve been cheated out of royalties for your property’s minerals, contact the energy lawyers at The Potts Law Firm for your free consultation.

Common Recoverable Damages
  • Lost money from withheld royalty payments
  • Lost money from depleted mineral rights
  • Surface damages
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I afford to fight the Oil and Gas Companies?

The energy law attorneys at The Potts Law Firm work on a contingency fee basis. This means that we will work on your case and advance the expenses of litigation for you. You will not be charged any attorney fees or expenses unless we win your case.

Do landowners have rights even if there is no contract with an oil and gas company?

Yes, so long as the landowner has at least a fraction of the mineral rights that are being extracted and/or drilled, that landowner may sue for damages regardless of a lease/contract in place.

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