Environmental1The Potts Law Firm pursues toxic environmental torts involving environmental concerns on behalf of victims across the country. With experience in complicated cases and challenging situations, our firm takes on these issues with confidence.

In too many instances, companies that are only concerned with profits neglect the damages they cause to neighboring properties or people. When injuries or other damages occur due to environmental concerns, it is important to hold the responsible party liable, no matter how intimidating they may seem. With the help of an environmental damage attorney, you can seek compensation for the damages to your property and health.


Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations can cause severe damage to nearby land or individuals, such as loss of property value and various kinds of pollution. Learn more about our CAFO claims practice.


Drilling for natural gas, known as fracking, may release toxic chemicals that can lead to serious or permanent damage to those exposed. If you or a loved one has fallen ill or suffered through exposure to pollution released by fracking, you may have grounds to seek compensation through a toxic tort. Learn more about our fracking claims practice.