frackingEnvironmental Lawyer & Fracking Lawsuits

A fracking lawsuit is a toxic tort in which an injury to a person, financial situation, or other interest is caused by another’s negligence leading to exposure to a toxin or chemical. Many effects from the practice of drilling underground for natural gas (fracking) cause permanent damages to victims, and they are often not aware that the medical problems they have experienced are directly related to toxic exposure. A plaintiff who proves that he or she was exposed to a toxic substance due to negligent fracking practices can be entitled to compensation for all of the consequences related to the exposure, including:

Fracking Personal Injuries

  • Exposure to toxic chemicals
  • The cost of past and future medical care
  • The cost of necessary rehabilitation
  • Loss of past and future earnings
  • Loss of earning capacity and related fringe benefits
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages

Fracking Property Damage

In addition to physical harm, the practice of fracking can also result in property damage. Plaintiffs are also entitled to file claims for:

  • Damage to property
  • Damage to water supply
  • Loss of ability to enjoy property
  • Reduction in property values
  • Loss of livestock, pets, crops, etc.

Fracking Facts

  • The practice of hydraulic fracking has been in use since 1947.
  • Over 1.2 million wells have been fracked.
  • There are approximately 500,000 active fracking wells in the United States.
  • As many as 600 chemicals are used in fracking fluid, including carcinogens and toxins.
  • There have been over 1,000 documented cases of water contamination next to areas of gas drilling, along with cases of sensory, respiratory, and neurological damage due to contaminated water.

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