Property contamination is not just a leaking storage tank or an oil spill. It takes many different forms. Each type of contamination has different legal rules and requirements surrounding it. Finding the party responsible for the contamination and holding them accountable is not always easy. However, protecting yourself, your family, or business after property contamination occurs is vital for both your physical and financial health.

Dealing with property contamination clean-up is typically very costly and time consuming. Sometimes, the property owner is held partially responsible for any remediation, but a good lawyer in property contamination will make sure the right people are held accountable. It’s important to get an experienced advocate on your side to ensure that all avenues for recompense are fully explored.

Here are a few types of property contamination that The Potts Law Firm handles:

  • Air quality – asbestos, radon, or mold in the air of your home or business
  • Buying property that is contaminated, or Brownfields
  • Flooding
  • Erosion
  • Water Runoff
  • Sedimentation pollution
  • Mold infestation
  • Leaking storage tanks
  • Water pollution
  • Superfund – a government program that cleans up property then forces the responsible parties to pay
  • Oil and gas contamination

Buying Property That Is Contaminated

In order to encourage property sales, if you are purchasing a building that has been contaminated, there are programs and tax incentives to get these properties usable again. Work with property contamination attorneys to ensure that you take advantage of all of the benefits available to you. There are state and federal programs that offer assistance.

Property Contamination Leading to Health Problems

Even if you don’t own the property but have experienced health problems because of mold or asbestos, or pesticides and chemicals, you deserve compensation; however, making the case for these damages is often challenging from a legal standpoint. Working with a property contamination attorney in The Potts Law Firm will help you find the party responsible and get the money that you need to pay for health and living expenses. Tenants who have to move because of problems with the building should also be compensated.

Working With Your Attorney

Although getting the land cleaned up is one of the top priorities in a property contamination case, you may also be dealing with property damage or health issues that have arisen due to the contamination. Your attorney will help you protect all of your rights and get the damages and compensation you deserve. It may takes a team of experts working together to oversee each aspect of your case. The Potts Law Firm has experienced property contamination attorneys that know how to find the solutions for your situation. If you have been accused of contamination or your property has been contaminated, contact a property contamination lawyer with The Potts Law Firm.