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The week of February 14, 2021 will be one most Texans will forever remember. Due to the below freezing temperatures and the power companies not being prepared, many people lost water and power. While most Texans did their best to stay inside and keep warm, most houses were unable to hold heat. This caused several tragedies as house temperatures dropped below freezing.

The first tragedy involved personal injuries and deaths.  A young boy died of hypothermia, hundreds could not use their respirators due to no power and were hospitalized, and over 400+ phone calls were made to the Texas Poison Center Network regarding carbon monoxide poisoning.  Over 100 people died due to the lack of power.

Not only did the power outages cause injuries and death, many people suffered burst pipes and water damage. What causes pipes to burst during wintry weather? When the weather is at or below freezing, the water coming into the house is much colder than it is during the summer. The cold water causes your pipes to contract at which point the weakest portions cannot withstand the pressure of the water and the pipes burst. Significant water damage occurred in 1/3 of Texas homes.  A property owner should be able to recover the money necessary to make these repairs from their property insurance company.  However, the second tragedy to arise from this winter weather involves insurance companies failing to honor their contracts.  The companies are undervaluing, delaying, or even denying meritorious claims.

Finally, Texans experienced even more losses when they received invoices from their natural gas and/or electricity companies.  The energy companies charged astronomical amounts to offset their substantial losses from their own negligence and malfeasance.  Property owners, the end user, were left with the final bill.

When a natural disaster occurs, it can lead to unexpected and sometimes drastic financial burdens. Facing the loss of a house, car, or other essential property is always difficult, especially if a loved one is injured. Through all of this, victims may find themselves struggling with insurance companies to obtain fair coverage for their damages. At the Potts Law Firm, we know how to effectively navigate the confusion and stress of seeking compensation for damages caused by natural disasters, no matter how severe.

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