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On August 25, 2017 Hurricane Harvey swept through Texas, destroying thousands of residential and commercial properties. Estimates show that at least 300,000 structures were flooded, and total damage from Hurricane Harvey may be up to $125 billion. That is value that property owners have not yet recouped.

Each year, the government must appraise your property. You then pay property taxes on that appraised value: approximately 2 to 3 percent. If your home was flooded by Hurricane Harvey, the value of your home, unfortunately, likely went down. The government’s appraisal district might not recognize that, and you may receive a property tax bill that is higher than what you should pay.

The attorneys at the Potts Law Firm can work with you to protest your property taxes. The Potts Law Firm will assist you by filing your protest (which must be done by May 15), working with an appraiser to find the lowest possible value and arguing your case. We’ll work to make sure the appraisal district recognizes the losses that you suffered during Hurricane Harvey, and we’ll make sure the appraisal district adjusts your property tax bill accordingly. Contact us today for your free consultation with one of our Hurricane Harvey property tax dispute lawyers.

Frequently Asked Questions
What can I obtain by challenging my appraised value?

Each year, Texas property owners pay their property taxes based on the appraised value of their property. A property with a lower appraised value owes less in property taxes than one with a higher value. What you obtain is simple—a decreased property tax burden.

My home was flooded during Hurricane Harvey. Did the value of my property go down?

The value of your home likely went down if it was flooded during Hurricane Harvey. The cause of this decrease could be a number of factors: your property may still need repairs, repairs you did perform may not have fully recovered your property’s former value, or potential buyers may be less willing to buy a home with a history of flooding. The lawyers at the Potts Law Firm can work with you to best account for any and all contingencies that affect your home’s value.

How are you paid for my property tax appraisal dispute case?

In short, we only get paid if we are able to save you money on property taxes. Once we are able to establish a lower property value for your home, you will receive a lower property tax bill. Our contract requires you a percentage of your savings as our fee. If we are not able to decrease your property tax bill, you owe us nothing.

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