insurance in crystal ball, Life insurance conceptThe team of experienced trial attorneys at The Potts Law Firm is dedicated to guiding clients through the aftermath of natural disasters. We have handled a range of insurance claims surrounding hurricanes, hailstorms, tornadoes, and more. We are ready to confidently help you with every detail.

When a natural disaster occurs, it can lead to unexpected and sometimes drastic financial burdens. Facing the loss of a house, car, or other essential property is always difficult, but victims may find themselves struggling with insurance companies to obtain fair coverage for their damages. At The Potts Law Firm, we know how to effectively navigate the confusion and stress of seeking compensation for damages caused by natural disasters, no matter how severe.


From small dings on a car to broken windows, hailstorms can cause a wide range of damages that can be surprisingly expensive to repair.

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Flooding, collapsed houses, and incredible winds are just some of the incredible damage that hurricanes can bring with them, and you may find yourself struggling to get back on your feet afterward.

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The intense winds of a tornado can cause unthinkable damage, leaving victims suddenly without homes or with significant property damage.

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