Hailstorm Insurance Claims Lawyers

Hailstorms can be caused by severe thunderstorms, tornadoes (link to page on Tornadoes), and hurricanes (link to page on Hurricanes). They are one of the quickest forming natural disasters, making them hard to predict or prepare for. When a hailstorm creates damage to homes, businesses, vehicles, crops, etc., policy holders turn to their insurance companies. Sadly, many hailstorm insurance claims are disputed, which can result in the insured being underpaid, having their claims delayed, or being denied coverage. When a property owner is unfairly denied insurance benefits, a lawsuit can be filed to recover losses caused by hailstorms and the accompanying storms.

Hailstorm Damages

Insurance representatives often dispute a claim regarding how much hailstorm coverage a person actually has and/or dispute the amount of property damage that has actually occurred. When this happens, policy owners may find themselves in over their heads when it comes to:

  • Complex insurance coverage claims, forms, and disputes
  • Bad faith claims (when an insurance companies does not operate with good faith and fair dealing)
  • Low ball payments by insurance companies (underpayment of recognized and approved claims)
  • Structural and foundation claims
  • Roof damage
  • Vehicle damage
  • Damage to crops, livestock, etc.
  • Hailstorm insurance disputes

Hailstorm Damage Facts

Unlike hurricanes, hailstorms threaten all areas of the nation, not just the Eastern and Southern coastlines. Other facts on hailstorm damage include:

  • Hail stones consist mostly of water ice and measure between 0.2 inches and 6 inches in diameter.
  • It is estimated that a hail stone of 0.39 inches in diameter falls at a rate of 20 mph.
  • Hail stones the size of 3.1 inches in diameter fall at a rate of 110 mph.
  • Hail stone speed is dependent on the size of the stone, friction against air, motion of wind it is falling through, collisions with raindrops or other hail stones, and melting as the stones fall through a warmer atmosphere. 

How A Lawyer Can Help With Your Hailstorm Lawsuit

If your property has been damaged by a hailstorm or severe storm, and you want to know your rights as a policyholder, call us toll-free to see how we can assist you in evaluating your case.