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Most companies utilize trademarks as a way of signifying their brand and establishing their corporate identity. When one company attempts to steal another’s trademark, it is known as trademark infringement, a serious violation that carries severe penalties. Trademark attorneys at The Potts Law Firm deal with the particulars of trademark infringement on a regular basis and can help clients protect themselves from infringement on this valuable intellectual property.

Frequently Asked Questions
What constitutes Trademark protection?

Trademark protection extends to almost any element that defines a company’s products or brand. Words, symbols, and phrases are just a few types of trademarks. Whenever a company infringes on another company’s trademark rights, it puts its financial assets and reputation at risk. Even if the violation was purely accidental, serious consequences can arise. By working closely with specialized attorneys, companies can avoid an expensive lawsuit and protect their brand.

What are the Primary Duties of a Trademark Attorney?

While some may think these attorneys are only valuable during incidents of trademark infringement, they actually fulfill a range of other important duties. Some of the key responsibilities of a trademark attorney include:

  • Helping clients select a trademark
  • Upholding a client’s trademark rights
  • Assisting clients with researching trademark rights
  • Providing advice to clients about their trademark application

The trademark attorneys at The Potts Law Firm wear a multitude of hats over the course of a typical work day. Trademark litigation encompasses a wide variety of issues, and attorneys can help their clients navigate through such confusing legal matters.

Why seek legal assistance?

When companies fail to consult with a trademark attorney, they leave themselves vulnerable to legal claims. Attorneys have the means to investigate a company’s planned trademark and determine if it already belongs to another organization. Such invaluable research prevents a company from encountering a lawsuit and losing access to its brand. In order to keep themselves protected, companies should acquire the help of a specialized attorney.

The Potts Law Firm trademark attorneys help clients understand trademark rights and litigation. By consulting with these professionals, companies protect their brand, reputation, and financial assets.

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