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By their nature, wrongful death claims are the worst claims imaginable. In general terms, a wrongful death claim involves any negligent act by a Defendant that results in the death of another person. Intent does not have to be present to prevail on a wrongful death claim.

We want you to understand that there is no monetary amount that can ever make you and your family whole if someone you know has experienced one of these injuries. However, that does not mean you are not entitled to adequate compensation for your injuries. To the contrary, we will work tirelessly and aggressively to pursue every dollar you deserve. We will also spare no expense in the preparation of your case.

Frequently Asked Questions
What types of Wrongful Death claims does Potts Law Firm handle?
  • Bodily Injury and/or Death
  • Lost Wages, Past and Future
  • Medical Lien Resolution
  • Property Damage
  • Loss of Consortium
What does “contingency agreement” mean?

This means that the law firm will work on your case and usually advance the expenses of litigation, but will not charge you unless and until they recover money damages for you.

Does the law firm or lawyers always pay the up-front expenses of the case?

Yes, most of the time as you’ve just read. There are a few exceptions when a law firm might not pay up-front expenses of a personal injury lawsuit. The first instance is when the case is not very strong but the client still wishes to go ahead with the lawsuit. An attorney may not wish to undertake all the high financial risk of a tenuous case by paying all the up-front expenses and relying only on a contingency fee. Another instance occurs where a reasonable settlement offer is made to the client but the client refuses to accept the offer against the advice of the law firm. If the client wishes to continue to pursue the case in the hope of receiving more money, the client will need to pay for future expenses and may be required to reimburse the law firm for prior expenses.

Will I owe the law firm money if we don’t win my case?

No, you will not owe the firm/attorney anything if we don’t win your case, this is a gamble that the firm takes and must consider when taking a new case.v

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