aviation accidentAviation Accidents

Many people are unaware of how common aviation accidents are in the United States.  Usually, the only newsworthy accidents reported in the media are the ones involving “jumbo jets” and 747s with the major airline carriers.  However, given the sheer number of aviation accidents that occur, it is unsurprising that the general public is unaware of the majority of these accidents because there simply would be an overwhelming number of accidents to report daily.


In 2016, the National Transportation Safety Board reported 1,506 incidents across the country.  Of these incidents, 336 were fatal.  These numbers average out to a little over 4 accidents per day and almost 1 fatality per day with a fatality occurring in almost 1 in every 5 accidents.  These numbers are staggering.


There are many things that need to be done after an aviation accident.  Largely, it is important to cooperate with the federal government investigators who are required to investigate the crash.  Specifically, all incidents and accidents must be investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board.  The two most important pieces to recover after an accident are the cockpit vice recorded and the flight data recorder (commonly referred to as the “black box”).  Once these items are recovered and the investigation is complete, our responsibility will be to build a liability case against the negligent parties.


BULLETClaims We Handle Involving Aviation Accident:

  • Wrongful Death
  • Bodily Injury
  • Lost Wages
  • Worker’s Compensation Benefits (if applicable)
  • Reimbursement of Out of Pocket Expenses


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