Sports law encompasses many fields of law; however, the vast majority of cases have one thing in common – the client is in the sports industry. Athletes, coaches and managers all use sports lawyers to represent their interests. Clients hire sports lawyers, such as those at The Potts Law Firm to handle cases such as breach of contracts, personal injury, concussion-related lawsuits, and a variety of other cases.

Sports breach of contract cases are complex in that the client is typically negotiating with a professional sports club that employs its own lawyers. Having a sports lawyer that understands these issues is immensely important. Sports personal injury cases can range from on the field injuries and pressure to return to play to injuries off the field that limit or even end playing careers. A sports lawyer understands how to tackle these legal issues. Sports employment cases typically involve agents and coaches that are negotiating their entrance into or exit out of a sports club.

Sports lawyers not only have to understand multiple fields of law, but they also have to understand their client. Those involved in sports have hectic schedules, celebrity status, and other characteristics uncommon to the typical client. Therefore, a sports lawyer must tend to your needs with diligence and open communication.

At The Potts Law Firm, we have the experience to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your sports-related legal issues and keep you informed throughout the process. If you have a sports law case that you would like to discuss with a sports lawyer, please contact us at 888.902.6245 to schedule your free consultation.


Below is a video of The Potts Law Firm founder, Derek H. Potts, and one of the Firm’s clients, an NFL wide receiver who filed suit against Texas Christian University, his alma mater:


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Typically, The Potts Law Firm works on a contingency fee basis. In other words, the attorney fees are a percentage of the gross settlement amount. This means that if there is no money received, you do not owe us attorney fees.

No. Many non-professional athletes such as college athletes have cases that The Potts Law Firm can represent them on.

It depends. Your sports law case might be so straight forward that we are able to resolve it with a letter and a few negotiations. This could take only a few months to complete. On the other hand, your case may require a lawsuit which, depending on the court, can take anywhere between 18-36 months to complete.

Many factors weigh into the value of a sports law case. Each case is different from the other. Only a sports lawyer can determine such an amount with the aid of expert witnesses.

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